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VSCapitalCorp is the capital markets trading and due diligence contracting unit for Venture Source Capital Corporation, a diversified financial services operation.   VSCapitalCorp specializes in consulting and advising services for both commercial and residential asset backed portfolios, both on a pool and one-off underwriting basis.   Venture Source Capital Corporation was founded to provide a framework within which MBS pool trades could occur, as to both performing and nonperforming or reperforming assets.   The firm's leadership is an expert in the analysis and restructure of nonperforming debt and has a long history of success in the genre.   The firm's leadership also includes accomplished legal counsel which provides in-house legal expertise in all relevant areas of operation.   Venture Source Capital Corporation and its capital markets trading and due diligence unit, VSCapitalCorp provide complete and comprehensive due diligence and underwriting solutions for any aspect of asset acquisition, trading or portfolio administration.

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